Reading List

OK – I know this is my third post and all three of them have a list of books. I just want to get the whole list out there. The timeline is very roughed out, but on average about 2 weeks per book

Session 1- Soft Skills – March through June

  1. The Art of Learning – Josh Waitzkin. I started this book 3/22/2016 after hearing about it on the Tim Ferriss show podcast-finished 3/31/2016
  2. Getting things done – David Allen -Started 3/31/2016. Finished 4/20/2016
  3. Getting Results the Agile Way – JD Meier – Started 4/22/2016, Finished 5/2/2016
  4. Curmudgeons Guide to Getting Ahead- Charles Murray -Started 5/3/2016, Finished 5/9/2016
  5. Never Eat Alone: and Other Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a time – Keith Ferrazzi- Started 5/10/2016; Finished 5/24
  6. How to Win Friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie. Started 5/25; Finished 6/1
  7. The 4 Disciplines of Execution- Sean Covey et al. – This book is part of my company’s “offsite learning” but it ties into this section really well. Started 6/3- Finished 6/13
  8. Hope Is Not A Strategy- Offsite book #2 is based on the complex sales function. it is something I want to grow in and fits into this curriculum so I added it to this list- started 6/14- Finished 6/20
  9. Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion – Robert Cialdini Start 6/21- Finished 8/25
  10. The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing Finished 9/5
  11. The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking – Dale Carnegie Start 6/27

Session 2- Mindset – July through September

  1. The 4 Hour Workweek- Tim Ferriss – this one will actually blend into part of the curriculum. Each chapter ends with an exercise – I will be doing all of these exercises. Started 8/29
  2. Choose Yourself – James Altucher
  3. Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill
  4. Seven Habits of Highly Successful People – Stephen Covey
  5. Five Dysfunctions of a team – Patrick Lencioni
  6. Start With Why-Simon Sinek

Session 3- Business Classics – October through December

  1. Good To Great – Jim Collins – I read this several years back, but it will be a worthwhile revisit
  2. The Effective Executive – Peter Drucker
  3. Security Analysis – Benjamin Graham
  4. Competitive Strategy – Michael Porter
  5. Essays of Warren Buffet- Warren Buffet, Lawrence Cunningham. 3 editions, all 3?

Session 4- Thinking Like a Startup- January- March

  1. Hackers and Painters – Paul Graham
  2. Zero to One – Peter Thiel
  3. Steve Jobs – Walter Isaacson
  4. The Lean Startup – Eric Ries
  5. Elon Musk – Ashlee Vance

There it is… 1623 24 25 26 27 books. This list mostly came from the Thumotic post on the alternative MBA with a couple of books I added. 

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