Weekly Review

8/19 Weekly Review

I feel like I am getting back on track with my goals after the last month of whirlwind. Picked up reading again, made a clear list of actions I wanted to get done and accomplished them. I think that is one of the biggest keys to success: defining what success even means for that week/month/year/ etc. That is not to say that I was horribly unproductive the last month, but there was a lot more treading water. I have found my biggest hurdle to success is when I do not have a clear path, I feel like I am in some kind of productivity limbo because I do not have something I need to do. Part of that is on me, but it is also partly the nature of my current job, it ebbs and flows with the cadence of a month so it is really easy to get on a more conservative action list. Another thing is passion level, it hit an all time low a few weeks back, and while climbing it is still not where it needs to be in order to be really successful. I feel like I am holding myself back and restraining myself because I know the amount of risk that there would be going into business of my own.

This week I did some good things, and some areas that need improving.

the good:

  1. Action list complete!
  2. Got back on my learning path!
  3. cleaned up my desk : mental and emotional cleanse
  4. Watched a video on procrastinators – good takeaways- ask these questions every night:
    1. Have you made your existence richer somehow?
    2. Have you continued a path of development?
    3. Are you doing something or loving someone b/c you want to or because it feels easier or less risky than changing directions? – work????
    4. Have you lived today?

The bad:

  1. Too much unproductive time
  2. I need to get away from the desk more
  3. Passion level
  4. Need to do a better job with coaching my intern. The problem is I do not trust him much. Next week I will give him his evaluation, which while isn’t negative, based on how he has received feedback in the past I do not see him taking it well.

Goals for next week

  1. my main goal it to go through the GTD cleanse again: get current, set all my actions, start using my tickler list, etc.
  2. Coster lite – 3 approvals, 3 tests
  3. Figure out ESOP next steps (define actions)