Negotiations- Ramit Sethi

Ramit is author of “I will teach you to be rich” and he has a ton of videos, courses etc. on life and business skills. One of the biggest things he talks about is scenario planning. Making sure you are prepared, script out conversations, and eventually it will get more natural.

Fix Speaking confidence:

  • Script out conversations- questions and potential answers w/follow ups.
  • Notice when you are being socially awkward. Pay attention to the people you are talking to. Test the questions on people, and make sure you put feedback in your ‘script’ until it becomes natural.

Talking to people, answering interview questions, etc. Cut the details that don’t matter. you do not need to go into the specifics that do not make any difference to the story. you want to emphasize the details that matter. Get rid of the monotone, have passion in your voice inflections.

People under-negotiate. Especially Americans: Credit card APR rates, late fees, cable companies, gym memberships, etc. do not be afraid to ask. He has several ‘scripts’ that you can use as a baseline for negotiations: getting $$ off, negotiating salary, negotiating terms, rates, etc.

Over-deliver, do things that nobody else does. Come to their office instead of making them come to you.

Do not be afraid to want to negotiate

Introverts-do not judge yourself. “I am not good with words…” How do I get around this?

  • Use email
  • Practice!!!! how many people actually practice these kinds of conversations?
  • Script out some conversations and practice to figure out what works
  • You have to try harder, if it does not come naturally to you.

“NO” is a great place to start. most people will not negotiate and get intimidated by it. this takes practice too. Be persistent when at first you may fail.

This is pretty haphazard and basically jotted down from memory. I listened to the podcast in the car and was trying to type out some of the major points. You can find the actual podcast here:


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