Creative Mornings With Ben Chestnut: Video Summary

Presenter – Ben Chestnut

If you start a business doing what you love, it will kill your passion. It is better to love what you do – wherever you are at, just be good at it, embrace it, and love it and eventually success will find you.

Examples of neat, creative and thoughtful things:

  • when you hit send button, a message pops up saying this is your moment of glory
  • The Mail Chimp has little messages like “you know why i am smiling? it is because i am not wearing any pants”
  • If you type in “boredom” an astroids game will pop up
  • They ship out random things to their customers: knitted hats, coloring book, T-Shirts for when a customer goes from free to paid service
  • Work in little easter eggs – fun stuff

The point is that people want to be creative: “Humans want to create lots of cool stuff, then they want to see other people using that stuff. A lot.” If you can create a business that takes advantage of this, you can have a creative business. The fundamental mistake businesses make is this: when the original entrepreneur starts to delegate and everyone at the company thinks like managers- which means defense mode. Then the creative people at the bottom think that they need to think like a manager to get ahead. If the managers had their way, everything would be perfectly efficient and nothing would ever be created. The key is to create chaos.

How to create chaos in a company? Innovation and creativity comes from assembling pieces from other stuff in weird ways- just keep making stuff. 2 weeks is an ideal timeline – keep it fast paced. You will be making parts, put it in the parts bin. Avoid meetings – he goes around like a bumble bee and keeps it in mind to figure out how to put the pieces together.

Instead of focusing on the work, focus on the entropy (‘waste’ or byproduct of production) or the chaos.

This was a really funny talk. He did a good job of telling his story – it is worth referencing back to for giving presentations. He incorporates a lot of humor and anecdotes while tying everything back to his message.



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