2018 Refresh

We are two weeks into 2018 and I am redefining my goals for the new year. There are some that are related to my hobbies, some to my career, learning, etc. I want to split them out a bit here and write briefly about each for the why behind them.

Yoga & Meditation – I have been practicing yoga daily for the last three years, 2018 will be my fourth year of a daily practice. This year I am adding in a daily meditation practice. I did the same in 2016 after listening to Tim Ferriss talk about it all the time. It isn’t that it didn’t help quiet, but I kept a solid mediation practice until July of 2016 when my best friend was killed in a car accident. That was a major redefining moment in my life and it set me back in my meditation. Whenever I would try to quiet my mind I would think of him. While the scars are still there, I am committing again to a daily meditation practice, I have already found myself gaining some clarity and focus. I also want to touch on yoga for a second. I have had several goals and setbacks over the years, and I have found that my practice ebbs and flows like a wave. There are days where everything is easy and others when it feels like you are just fighting your body. I don’t think this will ever go away, but this year I am focusing on a few goals:

  • Pressing from crow to handstand. This is something I have ‘wanted’ to do for years, last year I committed to it in the first half of the year and had a setback when I had a hernia. This year I am renewing the goal and plan to stay healthy. One of the keys here for this one and the next is that I keep making excuses for why I can’t do it. I keep catching myself making excuses for myself which are really just justifications for inadequacy.
  • Pressing into handstand from forward fold. This is the big one. ‘the quest for the press’ that I will not achieve without the crow to handstand. It is also one of those iconic progressions that I really want to accomplish. I will be the first to admit that having ‘yoga goals’ is pretty much a contradiction since you are supposed to be content with where you are at today. For me though, I need something to strive for. This one will require me to lose a bit of weight, or at least change some of my body composition to press into the handstand. I am pretty close in jumping into a pike then pressing into a handstand, but the full press from the ground is still not happening – THIS YEAR.

Starting a Business – This is something that I have been over thinking since starting this blog. I have gotten into an analysis paralysis where I want to continue learning more and more, but what I am realizing is that I have all of the tools (and then some) that I will need to start a business. Anything I don’t already know I will learn on the job. I know several people who have started businesses that don’t have half the experience I do. That is not to sound arrogant, but it is something that I need to get over. It starts with action, then builds up to either pivoting or persevering: get over it, stop making excuses, and start building something. What do you have to lose?

Creating a Second Source of Income – This is something I really need to do this year. I currently have a full-time job that pays well, but a second source of income will be a great way for me to gain traction on starting a business. I have a few ideas that are VERY niche I amp pretty excited about. I spent a few hours last week sketching out a business plan and path to more financial independence.

Filling 2 deer tags (and the freezer)- I once told a friend at yoga that I hunt and her response was ‘Yogis don’t hunt’. Granted, about half the yogis I know are vegetarian, they find it crazy that I do yoga and hunt. The simple answer is that I see it as the most sustainable form of meat I can get. I also like to point out the logical dissonance about them not having as big of a problem with people who buy their meats wrapped in cellophane in the meat section of the grocery store. I do not like killing, but there is a certain level of pride in being able to provide meat on the table that I was able to harvest and butcher myself. I might write up a unified philosophy of hunting and trying to be a conscious omnivore in the future, but for this one I just want to fill both my deer tags. I am not a trophy hunter (and have never understood the draw), just looking to fill the freezer.

Continuing to Read – the last 6 months of 2017 my reading slowed significantly. I am currently reading two Eric Ries books in parallel and have a list of books that are pretty specific to my goals for this year: actionable, skill specific, and inspiring. The key is actionable, I need to have a clear action plan every week to move my business forward. My reading goal for this year is at least one book per month.

Write More –  I used to be really good about getting in here and writing up summaries. I will continue to do this, but I might get a bit more organized about specific case studies and things I am working through. It will likely become more of a journal than learning depository.

Travel – Right now I have the goal to travel once per year (to a different country each year), this year will be a bit strange since we have two destination weddings in Mexico – which is exciting, but put a significant dent in our travel budget. We also want to go to Greece this year and there is a chance I might go to Nigeria to help with a location led business the company I work for helped start.

There are a few other odds and ends of my goals that I didn’t bring up here since they are a bit more private, but I think these are the big ones I have for this year. I think it could be a huge year personally for growth and change!