About Us

Hi There!

We are Ryan & Erika. We met in college after being set up by mutual friends. Now we’ve been together nine years, married for two. Erika is an Occupational Therapist, Ryan is a Financial Controller. We have two cats: Daisy & Jackson (Jackers) and three chickens (Easter, OG Felicia, and Felicia #2). We started practicing yoga back in 2012, and made it a daily commitment in January 2015. When we first moved in together back in 2012, we started learning about wine after our first trip together up in Traverse City Michigan. This interest in wine was one of the many reasons we decided on our first international trip together to Central Chile. Ever since that trip, we have had the travel bug to see the rest of the world. As we both have full time careers, we are slowly chipping away at our travel list, and not being very experienced travelers we are learning a lot along the way. As of starting this blog, we have traveled to Chile, South Africa, Greece, and Mexico, but have a long list ahead of us!

We decided to start this thing to document/share our story as we write it. When we first talked about starting a ‘blog’ the idea was that it would be a travel blog. But as we thought about it, we have a lot of passions so we settled on food, wine, yoga, and how travel brings them all together. Follow us on Instagram @thefoodiewinoyogis https://www.instagram.com/thefoodiewinoyogis/


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