The Broken Shaker – Best Cocktails in Miami Beach

First of all we loved this place! We went twice during our trip and probably would have been there more if we had stayed closer to it. This restaurant/bar is inside the Freehand Hostel. They have a pool with a large garden area around the pool full of lawn chairs and benches for seating. The pool, restaurant, and bar are all open  free of charge, even if you are not staying at the hostel.

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The pool is open all day and there is an all-day food menu. We are not sure if you can order drinks at all before the Broken Shaker is open. The Broken Shaker’s hours may change but while we were there they opened at 1 PM on the weekends and 5:30 PM during weekdays. They have a set cocktail menu with a short list of cocktails that are changed out seasonally and every month but also it is a full bar so whatever you want they can make you. The first time we went we just sat down and had a waitress come to us with menus and we ordered cocktails off the menu.
The second time we went, we walked up to the bar to order our drinks. We told the bartender we liked Rye Whiskey and asked if he could recommend something. He made us an amazing Monte Carlo. We had dinner with our drinks on our second time here. They have your usual bar/pub food options, but maybe a bit elevated. We shared a double cheeseburger with fries and it was probably one of the best burgers we have had. If you are in Miami Beach this place is a must! If you are wanting to relax with a good cocktail this is your place!